Patrick Tounian, MD, PhD

Patrick Tounian, MD, PhD
person Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutritionist, Hôpital Armand-Trousseau, France
flag France
place Paris


• Head of the Paediatric Nutrition and Gastroenterology Department at Trousseau Hospital, Paris.

• His department has been considered for many years as the national reference center for the management of paediatric nutrition diseases, including food allergy. Also involved in childhood obesity and paediatric dyslipidemia.

• Professor of Pediatrics at Sorbonne University.

• President of the French-Speaking Group of Paediatric Hepatology, Gastroenterology and Nutrition (2005 - 2007).

• Vice-President of the French Nutrition Society (2006-2011).

• General Secretary of the French Paediatric Society (2009-2014)

• President of the French Speaking Paediatric Association (2018-currently)

• Has published more than 110 international papers related to childhood obesity, paediatric dyslipidemia and food allergy.

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